Utensils Used for Nonstick Cookware


Nonstick cookware is popular for a reason - it's easy to use and clean. With its seamless and smooth surface, you are able to whip up perfect eggs, pancakes, and crepes effortlessly.

Taking extra care with your nonstick cookware can extend its life. For example, you want to stay away from nonstick cooking sprays and leave acidic foods in the pan long after cooking because they can damage or stain the nonstick coating. More importantly, you also need to avoid metal utensils in your daily cooking. Here are three types of utensils that go well with nonstick cookware:


Silicone utensils are gentle on nonstick cookware. However, flipping large cuts of meat such as hamburgers or steaks can be challenging. Silicone utensils can also be damaged by sharp knives if you are not careful. Overall, though, they're strong yet flexible and easy to clean, making them a great choice for nonstick cookware lovers.


Wooden utensils won't scratch your nonstick pans, so they're a good choice. Well cared quality wooden utensils will also last for decades and be strong enough to stir and mix. However, they're not the best way to flip.


Like silicone and wooden utensils, nylon utensils are great for nonstick cookware because they won't damage the smooth finish. They're also extremely durable and strong, which means they're great for mixing, flipping... basically any task. Shortcomings? Food can stick to the nylon, which makes it harder to clean. You should also be careful with the heat around them as they will melt.

As you can see, there is no perfect type of utensil. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to nonstick cookware, having tools that won't scratch is essential. If you have more questions about cooking utensil, please feel free to leave your comment in the below area or contact us directly at customer@sensarte.net.