Cookware Guide 102: Add More to Your Cookware Collection


If you're ready to start adding to your cookware collection, you should consider items such as - a braiser pan, a griddle or a wok . These pieces should be added according to your lifestyle and culinary preferences. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces made of different materials.

Braiser Pan

The braiser pan is a large pan with a moisture-locking lid. This design makes the braiser pan a multitasking tool and an excellent addition to your kitchen. They can be used to brown food on the stovetop and/or slow cook food in the oven. Some are even designed to be served on the table.

Griddle/Grill Pan

The griddle is a type of cookware that has a large, flat or ridged surface. With fairly small amounts of oil, it can be used to cook breakfast foods such as pancakes, hash browns, and eggs. It can be square or round, but usually doesn't have the longer handle of a frying pan. The griddle that offers a small ridged surface is perfect when you're trying to create those perfect grill marks.


The wok has tall, sloping sides and is a popular all-purpose Asian cookware. They are usually 14 inches in diameter and made of carbon steel. These pans have a hot cooking surface on the bottom and cooler sides. Best of all, being able to move ingredients around the pan provides great temperature control and versatility. Wok pans are great for sautéing, steaming and deep frying.

Now that you've developed a passion for great food and cookware, it's time to add more special pieces to your collection. You can create tons of interesting dishes and recipes using specialty items like pressure cookers, roasting pans, Dutch or French ovens, and more. Everything is possible.

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker offers you a quick-release option to finish a meal in less time without wasting water cooling your food. Their lids are selaed completely while the liquid inside is boiling. The steam then creates pressure, which results in higher cooking temperatures and shorter cooking times. Most pressure cookers come in sizes ranging from 3 Quarts to 8.5 Quarts. A pressure cooker with a removable pressure regulator can adjust the pressure to low, medium, or high. The higher the pressure, the higher the internal temperature, and the less cooking time you'll need. The safety valve will automatically vent the steam.

Roasting Pan

The roasting pan is a large rectangular pan with low sides that allow the heat of the oven to reach the food as much as possible. It’s often used with a grill, which helps lift food above the cooking surface. It works best in the dry heat of a relatively high-temperature oven. This is the go-to pan for roasting turkey, chicken, and other roasts.

Dutch Oven

The Dutch Oven is a larger container designed for slow cooking large quantities of stews or braised meats. They are usually round and made of cast iron. Most Dutch ovens have a pair of short handles for safe and easy lifting. Dutch ovens come in a variety of colors and are loved by many cooks as they add a pop of color to any cookware set!

French Oven

The French oven is a type of Dutch oven; the main difference is that they have internal enamel, meaning no seasoning is required. This is why French ovens are often called enameled Dutch ovens. French ovens are great for cooking a variety of dishes, including beef, pork, roasts, brisket and poultry. French ovens, like standard Dutch ovens, are available in a variety of colors, making them the perfect colorful addition to any cookware set!

Cookware Sets

There is always the option to buy cookware in bundles. It's often great for saving money and getting matching items. This is an option for those who know exactly what they are looking for, making it easier to buy. Cookware sets range from 10 to 18 pieces, and each cookware set has different variations and can be tailored to your needs.